Mary Meinking
Non-Fiction Children's Book Author


Mary's Author Visits
Mary offers fun, informative presentations for young children through adults. She includes hands-on projects that tie in with the program topic. All ages enjoy becoming part of the Non-fiction process.



(Origami presentation, making origami bookmarks)

  (Predator vs. Prey presentation)

   (Non-fiction Writer's Workshop)

To schedule a visit please contact Mary at:

Here's what others are saying about Mary's presentations:

"Your students will never lose their attention to this presentation. Ours could not wait to get to the library to check her books out and learn more about origami." ~Mrs. Rick, 6th Grade teacher

"Thank you for coming to our school. I love origami! I've been using the polar bear bookmark. My class has been using your books. I like Predator vs. Prey books a lot. We studied that earlier in the year. I can't wait to read all your books! I hope you can come back next year!! I want to be an author and illustrator when I grow up." ~ Shayla, 3rd Grader

"I would highly recommend Mary and her presentation. The kids were excited. She engaged them in the activities. I now have her book and use it in a center in my classroom."  ~ Mrs. Lindeberg, 2nd Grade teacher

"Thank you for coming and teaching us so much about origami. Those origami bookmarks were so cool and I already used mine. They work like a charm. Thank you." ~ Page, 4th Grader