Mary Meinking
Non-Fiction Children's Book Author



Mary's Children's Magazine Articles
My non-fiction articles appear in tweleve children's magazines. Here's where you can find my articles:
AppleSeeds   “The Scoop on Dino Poop” - January 2005 
                        (Digging Up Dinosaurs issue) 
                        - “Good Sport George” - February 2004      
                        (Young George Washington issue) 
                        - “Everyone to Work” - January 2008
                        (Who Did What in Ancient China issue)
                        - “Help Wanted in Ancient China” - January 2008 
                        (Who Did What in Ancient China issue)
                         - "Help Wanted in Ancient Greece" - October 2008
                        (Who Did What in Ancient Greece issue)
                         - "Able Bodied Abe" - January 2009 (Abraham Lincoln issue)
                         - "Help Wanted in Ancient Rome" - November 2009
                        (Who Did What in Ancient Rome issue)
                         - "Build a 3-D Pyramid (origami)" - Feburary 2010
                        (Pyramids & More Pyramids issue)
                         - "Help Wanted in Medieval Times" -September
                        2010 (Who Did What in Medieval Times issue)
                         - "Help Wanted in Colonial America" -September
                        2011 (Who Did What in Colonial America issue)

                        - "Help Wanted in Industrial Revolution" -January
                        2015 (Who Did What in Industrial Revolution issue)

Boy’s Quest  “Crocs Under Cover” - August 2009
                        (Ancient Egypt issue)

Cobblestone “What a Sport” - November 2007FACES-Slave labor
                        (George Washington Issue)

Cousteau Kids  “Sudsy Secret Weapon” - Jan./Feb. 2007
                        (about Soap Fish)
                        - “Godzilla of the Sea” - March/April 2007 
                        (about Marine Iguanas)

Discovery Trails “Copy Cat of the Sea” - Summer 2004 
                           (about Mimic Octopuses)   

FACES  “Chocolate Coated Slavery” - April 2006     Family Fun
                           (Child Labor issue)

Family Fun  “Golf Computer Mobile” craft -         
                            June 2005 (Father’s Day issue)

Highlights  “Bug-Zilla Attacks Hawaii” -
                            December 2008                 
                            (about carnivore caterpillars)         

Hopscotch     “Soccer Computer Monitor Mobile” craft -
                           October 2008 (Girl’s Sports issue)
Appleseeds-George Washington issue
Nature Friend “Copy Cat of the Sea” - October 2003

Odyssey     “Much A Doo-Doo about Dinosaur Poop” - 
                        March 2008 (What a Waste issue)             

SIRS Discoverer On-line Database 
                        “Copy Cat of the Sea”

Wee Ones    “No Horsing Around with George” 
                        March/April 2007 (about Washington’s horses)Nature Friend
                        - “Finding our Way” 
                        March/April 2008 (Compass activity & history)

(Articles available upon request.)

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